Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Half Way There and Half Filled Up

We are officially half way through winter despite what verdict comes from Phil on Ground Hogs Day. Up north here, half way through winter is a matter of time on the calendar and but necessarily reflected in the weather.

But by ending the semester and nearing spring (come on spring...you can do it), it signifies we are half way through another year of teaching and learning. I love this time of year (at school...let me tell you that I have very different feelings about the weather) because it allows us the time to really look at how far we have come and to map out where we still need to go. As teachers, we have the chance to really reflect on what our kids need for the next half of the year and to be very intentional about how to go about meeting those needs. We are full of expectations that our kids, regardless of their struggle or higher achievement status, will take it to the next level and grow.

I've tried to embrace the "half full" philosophy as I journey through life. Sometimes I need my glass to be half full of something stronger than coffee...sometimes I've realized I might be half full of something else too. But by remaining optimistic about what is coming next, it keeps me growing.

So, as we charge on to the finish line...here's to reflecting,intentional planning and growing. And yes, hoping spring is right around the corner too!