Thursday, December 18, 2008


During this holiday season, I can't help but notice signs of hope in such bleak times. Hope shines bright in the face of a struggling reader that has an "ah ha" moment about the book...taking his thinking to a new level by commenting, "I never thought of it that I get it!!" Hope comes in the form of a story to a 3rd grade writer that hates to write...but finds her voice and tells a small moment story that brings chills to her audience.

Looking at these kids as they strive to reach goals and push themselves, I can help but see these children for the hope they are for the them the tools and courage to face the future.

Barbara Kinglover said, "Hope is a renewable option...if you run out of it at the end of the day, you get to start over again in the morning." How true that it. It is the hope for the future that keeps me going...tomorrow is another year is another keep challenging our kids to have great conversations about books, to connect their learning and grow their minds. It is what I hope for!!

Happy Reading...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Wiki...what a powerful tool to collaborate!

In my ongoing learning quest to use technology to help simplify my life (which so seems to take double the time) I discovered a powerful web tool called a Wiki. I had been using one for a few of the Professional Learning Networks I am in and had that AH HA moment where I might create on for my school. So...I am in the process of creating a Professional Development Wiki. I am excited to develop it as a place where we can all collaborate, share ideas and have some great dialogue. It might take some time getting used to using it...especially those from my generation where we are trying to keep up as fast as we can going from our typing classes back in high school to computer use, web tools, e-mail, etc. But I am hopeful that we might use it to connect.

I have always considered myself to be on an ongoing learning quest as a I look back, each year brings me more experience, yes, but an opportunity to measure my growth as a reflect back on how best to reach kids. Sharing and networking has been such a powerful part of that learning. So...I am taking the plunge...full speed (Internet speed I guess) ahead to keep those conversations grand!!

Happy Reading!